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Choosing a Host

Hosting Terminology

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Beginners Guide to Telnet

Basic UNIX Commands

CHMOD and setting
permissions Guide

Basic guide to CRONTAB

Basic Guide to Paths

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Handy tools
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General Guides

If you want to some advice on

 Choosing a host for your website ??

 why not read our full guide to choosing a host.
In the guide we outline the different types of hosting arrangements available

New to website creation and hosting ?

Confused by hosting terminology ??

Just browse through our glossary of hosting terminology

Installing your first cgi script on your site ??

Read the beginners guides to help you through the installation progress.


Golden Rule !!

Recommended Books

Good Book
A very easy book to understand for the beginner A visual guide with illustrations make it easy to learn.
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more details about this book click here
Want to learn a bit more about Unix after using our beginners guide? I can recommend reading this book
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