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Get a CoolBoard!




Get a Message Board For Your Site

Featuring COOLBOARD.com

What is CoolBoard? 

CoolBoard is the leading provider of completly customized, free
community-based message boards for Web sites of all sizes. With
CoolBoard, web sites can create active user communities that will enrich
content and increase website traffic, in minutes. 

With CoolBoard it's easy to create completely customized message boards that reflect your Web site's unique look and feel. You can pick the colors, fonts and graphics. You can even filter out users and messages you don't want on your board. Leave the rest to us. We host your message board, taking care of all the technical details for you. There's no software to buy, and you don't need any specialized programming knowledge to get started. Plus, you can sign up for as many boards as you like.

Sharing communities   Here is the good bit !!

CoolBoard offers more than just message boards--we help build internet communities. CoolBoards are arranged into communities of sites that share a common interest, like a specific video game or sports team. Messages posted on one board can appear on every other board in that community. Your board can share messages and traffic with lots of other sites -- but keep its distinct look and feel. So even a small website with only a few unique users can tap into a larger, more active community of hundreds of users.


 So Get a FREE CoolBoard Message Board for your Website NOW!


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