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Adult Hosting Companies

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We take great pride in the reliability of our network. We are currently running on a 100 Megabit private fiber optic link to an OC-12 and multiple T-3's. Our network is multi-homed to the Internet backbone using the top 3 bandwidth providers; UUNet, MCI, and Sprint. All done for increased redundancy. In case of power failure, every machine on our network is protected with Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), and we also have generators in case of any extended power outage. Our hi-tech network makes sure your visitors can get to your site at any time period.AdultHosting.Com is a division of SomersNet, Inc.

Bad Puppy Adult hosting
Badpuppy.net Web hosting service provides you with an effective, affordable, easy to use solution for hosting and maintaining your personal or company's presence on the World Wide Web

Industrial Hosting Highly recommended for Adult Hosting
Maybe not the cheapest but this company offers a genuine 24/7 support service (I have had a 20 min response time at 3am on a Public Holiday) Excellent fast responsive servers and a whole range of features including FrontPage Extensions on Unix servers on request. A range of scripts provided free and billing interfaces and more. Well worth considering for any Adult site that wants to be sure of their site being up and available.

Strictly Hosting
Strictly Hosting offers a complete range of Web Hosting options to meet the needs of your growing business. We deliver quality, reliable hosting solutions through our NT/Unix based servers and our redundant T3 Internet connectivity.Our server center is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, d managed by our experienced, professional engineering staff.
Large bandwith allocation and 5 Domain Names on a basic account. at an Entry level charge.Support a bit patchy at times ( wait your turn ) on virtual accounts. This site is hosted with Strictly Hosting

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