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Free Hosting Services

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Free Adult Hosting for Gay Sites
UGAS AVS service provides very good qualitity FREE hosting for GAY Adult Sites. There are a few restrictions such as not directly linking to other sites using rival AVS services,A limit on the number of preview sections outside your protected area and the amount of advertising. But all that is far outweighed by the Free site promotion responsive servers and free cgi script installation.
To sign up for free hosting you need to join up as a webmaster with UGAS first.

Free Straight Adult Site Hosting with Age Check
Age Check AVS service provides good quality FREE Adult Hosting for Straight Sites. The only conditions basically are the exclusive use of the Age Check AVS service with no direct linking to other rival AVS protected sites. A limit on the amount of advertising and the number of preview pictures. Each site is reviewed to ensure you maintain a basic qualititystandard.Free licensed content is available as well. To use the free hosting you need to join the AgeCheck service first!

One of the better free hosting offers with options to remove the banner for a monthly fee or upgrade in the future. Basic cgi available as well which is a big plus. Worth a second look at this one

Mancheck AVS
Mancheck AVS provide FREE GAY only adult hosting but only for their prefered sites.
The preferred sites have to conform to quite high standards and have to be updated monthly with a certain percentage of new content. So if you are looking to create a site and then leave it this is NOT for you. To gain free hosting you need to have a site and be using Mancheck already. So if you think this will suit you sign up now.

Sex Tracker
Supplies free Adult webhosting and also a lot of other services for the Adult webmaster.
Well worth a look.

Another good free hosting service but currently cgi is not available to new users. Also note this is a Windows NT host as opposed to UNIX. Has been taken over by TheGlobe Network so be prepared for possible future changes to the way webjump operates

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