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Adult Check Probably the most well known AVS
Adult Check is probably the largest Age Verification Service on the net. They have their Gold Sites program for extra income. The most imformative webmaster lounge in this category and cover all tpyes of sites. they also have a link up with a major search engine to promote your site if it meets their standards. Worth looking into joining for those odd sites that do not fit in elsewhere.

Age Check Adult Verification Service
Age Check is a general AVS service covering Gay,Lesbian and general sites. Part of the TriTech organisation.Excellent range of programs with a new preffered site program.Works much the same as UGAS and likewise always pays PROMPTLY every fortnight provided you meet YOUR set minimum payment.

Gayport AVS service
A fairly new gay only age verification service run by webmasters for webmasters. reliable payout system. Pay a commision on mebership renewals as well (something a few other AVS services should consider)

Man Sentry
Founded in 1999 by the owners of the adult verification system, Gayport,
Mansentry is a password protection system for Internet websites. Unlike adult
verification services that permit access of all of its members to your site,
Mansentry allows you to establish a password protection system unique to your
site. Only your members have access to your site.In other words, Mansentry
allows you to set-up your own commercial pay site
without the usual headaches.

Mancheck Gay Site Services
Mancheck was the Original all Gay AVS service. One big advantage of this service is they pay out recurring commisions. (but will deduct charge backs) If members join their preferred program you get a monthly commision on the sale as long as they remain a member. They did have some time back trouble with their server and service provider but that has now been totally solved and they also have mirrored everything at another location to ensure no down time in future. Totally recommended for the Gay market and not being the biggest now more likely to get new members joining.

United Gay Adult Sites Site Protection Services
UGAS is now the largest ALL GAY AVS on the web. Part of the TriTech Organisation. They have various programs to earn you money by using their site Protection services. You get commision on every sale your site makes. You also have the option to gain a click through bonus on a middle page between their login and your site (the surfer is in so you have got their mebership).They also offer a limited click through to the signup page. The also have excellent free hosting for your site available. Pay a visit and see what they have to offer.

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