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How does your site appear on Web TV ?

Yes Web TV is growing in popularity !!

In the beginning a lot of webmasters ignored this market especially in the adult sector on the basis if the surfer could not afford a computer they are not likely to be spenders.

But are we ignoring a more lucrative sector as people become more and more accustomed to shopping channels and there use.

The older person might think that computers are too technical for them but they sure know how to use a remote control by now.

So why not check out how your site would appear to them

Visit the site listed below for a totally free download of a web TV viewer and all the other info you might need.

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Designing For the WEB TV Network
This site is packed with information and tools and hints for designing your website to be compatable with WEB TV Sections include Learn how to make your Web sites look great on television,How the WebTV browser supports different Internet technologies and Discover how to create your own interactive programming
Also the great design tool a downloadable web tv viewer so you can review how your site looks on Web Tv .
here to go straight to the download page

Netzip PlusPack
Save 71% on top brand name products together for one low price. This package of our Netzip Classic and FastView, along with McAfee VirusScan and PeakJet 2000 offers everything you need to improve your computer and Web surfing!

Professional website tempaltes
over 150 high-quality website templates

The Webmaster Forum
A Free Webmaster Forum with HTMl, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, C++, XML, and much more. We also have topics on Web Hosting and Operating systems like Windows or Macintosh

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